Wrong Fest is a niche music festival held in Bulgaria. True to its name, it offers an alternative to mainstream music events, presenting a diverse program that mixes up renowned performers and emerging artists.

One of its fundamental principles revolves around providing a platform for lesser-known artists and giving the public the chance to explore new music and talents. For more than a decade, the Wrong team has introduced artists of the caliber of Viagra Boys, Shortparis, and Black Midi to the Bulgarian audience. In doing so, the festival contributes to the new discovery of talents and simultaneously promotes a vibrant music scene in the small country of Bulgaria. Moreover, it nurtures a shared appreciation for diverse musical genres and fosters a sense of community among its public.

The meticulously crafted program spans across four days and features performances by over 20 of the best alternative musicians from around the world. Among them were Shortparis, Matt Elliott, Villagers of Ioannina City, Ploho, TDK, Feedbacker, Lisa Morgenstern, etc. The lineup can be characterized as a fusion of avant-garde artists, great electronic music, and heavy after party noise.

The festival was held in five different locations: the National Palace of Culture, the open space in front, and three of the most popular alternative bars in the city.

Wrong Fest is an integral component of our Post Kultura project and program, consistently created and executed in close collaboration with our team.