Wrong Fest is the biggest alternative music festival in Bulgaria. True to its name, it offers an alternative to mainstream music events with a diverse program, a mixture of renowned performers and emerging artists.

One of the primary Wrong goals is to provide a platform for lesser-known artists, thus giving the public the chance to explore new art and talents. For over a decade, the Wrong team has introduced artists such as Viagra Boys, Black Midi, and Shortparis to the Bulgarian audience.

In doing so, the festival not only contributes to the discovery of new talents but also promotes a dynamic music scene. Additionally, the team nurtures a shared appreciation for diverse musical genres and fosters a sense of community among its audience.

The 2020 was the first edition held in Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture in 2019. The lineup, crafted in a way to include Bulgarian famous artists and European bands that haven’t played in the country, included performers in the likes of Tommy Cash, STRUGARE, Repetitor, Molchat Doma, TDK, etc.

Wrong Fest is an integral component of our Post Kultura project and program, consistently created and executed in close collaboration with our team.