One of the fundamental Wrong principles revolves around providing a platform for lesser-known artists and giving the public the chance to explore new music and talents. For over the decade, the team has introduced artists like Black Midi and Viagra Boys to its audience.

In doing so, the festival not only contributes to the discovery of new talents but also promotes a dynamic music scene. Moreover, the team is famous for nurturing a shared appreciation for diverse musical genres and fostering a sense of community among its public.

The 2019 edition was probably the most unusual thing to happen in the Balkans that summer. The festival grounds were moved to neighboring Serbia with a lineup that included performers such as Hed PE, Rolo Tomassi, Black Swells, Tus Nua, etc.

It brought together artists from all around the world, from completely different genres, on three stages spread around the city. The festival was organized by a team of Bulgarian and Serbian professionals, supported by the whole cultural community in the town.

Wrong Fest is an integral component of our Post Kultura project and program, consistently created and executed in close collaboration with our team.