This is a project where we were partnering with the booking agency Shangry Live, aiming to present the country of Mongolia, their art and their culture. Visitors were able to get familiar with the unknown lands through the eyes of a Bulgarian traveler and through the musical tales of Violons Barbares – one of the trendiest ethno acts in Europe.

The project kicked off with a presentation by Petya Dimitrova – a traveler who traversed Mongolia by herself, wrote a book about her trip and shared with us her tale along with many breathtaking photographs.

The trio Violons Barbares arrived for the first time in Bulgaria on the second day. They performed some impromptu tunes in the streets of Kapana and then gave a freely accessible musical master class on Mongolian throat singing. A “full” concert followed as well, naturally. Due to bad weather, it took place in our Post-Culture Stage space which was barely big enough to fit all the interested visitors.

With the help of music, stories and photography, we were able to dive into the Mongolian steppe and the soul of a harsh and resilient people.