We took part in the “Night/Plovdiv 2017” initiative with our project “Everthing Comes Here”. In our Post-Culture Stage space, we wanted to present a multi-media experience but still connect it to our primary passion for the underground music scene.

We decided to propose a three-part project, which included the customary concert, but also a photo exhibition – one thematically focused only on stage photography – as well as an edition of the “Blue Dog” literary club focused on the 1001 tales of Scheherazade.

The first night was dedicated to the Sofia-based band “The Flying Detachment” – a psychedelic stoner rock act. Their performances are notable for their finely crafted visual elements as well as the quality of the music itself.

Together with Diana Georgieva – one of the leading young music photographers in the scene – we picked 20 pictures from those sent to us and we displayed them on the walls of our Stage. The opening included a short acoustic performance by various local artists which promptly turned into an open-mic event.

The third evening we gave to the book addicts, whose ranks we proudly belong to. The meeting to discuss “1001 nights” took place in a cozy atmosphere, fueled by lights, scents and shapes, specifically crafted to evoke an oriental memory and predispose the mind for dreaming.