After working for a few years in the “Post-Culture Stage” space, our team felt that we had gathered enough experience to step outside of our own venue and begin organizing events of bigger proportions as well as helping promote artists in other cities besides our beloved Plovdiv. This is when we decided to separate the name from the space and Post Kultura was born – a compound term for all of our musical endeavors, whether artistic or promotional.

Since then we have organized and helped organize hundreds of events, from obscure ambient music gigs with a dozen enthusiasts in front of the stage to stadiums filled with more than 40,000 people. While the Metaart Foundation remains our primary name for our work aimed at receiving public funding for projects, Post Kultura has become a household brand in Bulgaria, known to the majority of stakeholders in the music scene.

The connections we have formed and the experience we have gathered allow us to keep helping and guiding artists in the best ways we can.