Metaart began with a vision that art should be a valid choice for young people looking to make a career and develop their passions. One of the best ways we could help make that happen was by providing a venue where lesser known artists could learn walking before they could run. With the help of Alexander Sekulov and his “Petnoto na Rorshach” club in Plovdiv, we had the opportunity to make that happen.

Post-Culture Stage was the name we gave to the 120 capacity room beneath the club. In the five years of our cooperative work, we organized north of 250 concerts, exhibitions, theater performances, parties etc, all with the sole idea of giving an outlet for young and promising artists from all over Bulgaria and Europe. This served not only the artists, but also our organization, allowing us to get in touch with practically the entire underground scene of our country.

During the COVID pandemic of 2019, the club “Petnoto” shut down for a lengthy period of time and Post-Culture Stage had to remain a thing of the past. It does, however, live on, having given birth to Post Kultura – our trademark name for all musical projects we participate in nowadays, regardless of location.