The project consisted of a musical masterclass by the world-renowned soloist of the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices and the Eva Quartet, Gergana Dimitrova and Kostadin Genchev, a kaval virtuoso who plays in the same formations. The music masterclass took place on the 11th and 12th of August 2018 and included 20 young talents from the city of Varna, with whom Gergana and Kostadin commented on folklore themes, practiced vocal and instrumental techniques and talked about the music business related to the interweaving of folklore and modern musical elements as well as trends of the development of this musical style worldwide.

Gergana and Kostadin had a lot of professional insight in the music scene due to their many years of international experience not only in the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices ensemble, but in many other musical formations traveling all over Europe emphasizing the beauty of Bulgarian folklore.