We wanted to create a space to discuss controversial topics outside of the online discourses and their anonimity. The Informed Dissent club was born as an answer to this need. Here is how we originally presented it:

When information only aims at disinformation. When the media writhes in fear and powerlessness. When self-censorship is an instinct for self-preservation. When you know what you can and can’t agree with. When viewpoints converge into one huge black hole, at the bottom of which is nothing. When you briefly stop caring.
Then – resistance is mandatory. The resistance to name while everyone surrounds. The resistance to shout while all is quiet. The resistance to stay while everyone leaves. Resistance is in fearlessness. From the label, from the ridicule, from the condemnation, from the censure. The resistance is in the disagreement.
Informed consent.
“Post-Culture Stage”, “Petnoto na Rorsharch” and “NULA32” magazine invite you to the first ever Public Debate Circle “Informed Dissent”. Where we will have the opportunity to see the face of our opponent and experience the pure delight of overcoming him with words alone. Live, with adequate and reasoned opinions. Because only amateurs do it online. Nothing hidden will be tolerated. You will fight for the truth, as will the one against you. And we will all reap the fruits of the dispute together.
The circle for public debates will be housed on the lower floor of the club “Petnoto”, in the newly formed “Post-cultural scene”. Experts on individual topics, journalists, direct witnesses of certain events, as well as people with a strong public position will be included as guest participants for the debates.
Anyone with an opinion is welcome. We are here to argue, question the truth, and get the facts out there. There is no correct opinion, there is a well-argued opinion.

The format lived on for two years, touching on many interesting topics, leading to countless arguments and hundreds of hours of stimulating conversation and presenting closely some of the most interesting experts.