Europa Psychedelica is a six-day audio-visual project that includes an exhibition and a concert. It is focused on the “psychedelic” artistic style, which gained strong popularity in Bulgaria, but it is rarely the main focus of comprehensive and serious art events. The project presents the works of European artists in this style through printed paintings. It includes a thematic installation called “Cyrillic” gives the audience a chance to participate in interactive installations through controllers and
motion detectors. It also presents a series of videos and short films with a psychedelic theme.

Psychedelia is gaining popularity because of its freedom of expression and its breaking of boundaries. This attracts new audiences of all ages and creates a good foundation for creativity of all types – music, picture, video, dance and more. At the same time, prerequisites are created for perception of the author’s message, but also – for free interpretation of each work.

The highlight of the project is the “Cyrillic” installation, which is created specifically for PLOVDIV ECOC 2019 by prominent artist Bimaxim – champion of the 3D mapping competition from Aarhus 2017.

The concert part includes the psychedelic group from Hungary – Meszecsinka. They mix psychedelia with the folklore of different European countries. The members of the group are from Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary. The soloist of the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices – Gergana Dimitrova, whom we worked with before – makes a special cameo as part of the performance.

The group fit into the main focus of PLOVDIV 2019 – creativity by prominent people, artists from all over Europe and mixing Balkan culture and Cyrillic together with trends in Central Europe.