• The Sound of the Far East

    This is a project where we were partnering with the booking agency Shangry Live, aiming to present the country of Mongolia, their art and their culture. Visitors were able to get familiar with the unknown lands through the eyes of a Bulgarian traveler and through the musical tales of Violons Barbares – one of the…



  • Hillock Carnival

    Why “carnival” then? Because six Balkan astronauts played extraterrestrial music inside the Hillock of Fraternity. A free orchestra played the old urban folk tricks to their conductor in the heart of the Hadzhi Hassan neighbourhood. Hot Serbian power jazz was served in double portions at the flee market by the Russian market. And then the…



  • Europe Psychedelica

    Europa Psychedelica is a six-day audio-visual project that includes an exhibition and a concert. It is focused on the “psychedelic” artistic style, which gained strong popularity in Bulgaria, but it is rarely the main focus of comprehensive and serious art events. The project presents the works of European artists in this style through printed paintings.…

  • Craft Enters the Neighbourhood

    “The Craft Enters the Neighbourhood” is a series of meetings of prominent Bulgarian artists of applied arts with groups of young people of different ethnicities at the Nikola Y. Vaptsarov Secondary School in Plovdiv. Professionals gave personal example, knowledge and experience “from the kitchen” of their respective creative industries. The workshops had a strong practical…

  • Enlightenment through Adventures

    A seminar about travel, nature, and using it to build harmonious opportunities